Putting data to work for system reform!

We spend the vast majority of our time partnering with non-profits, foundations, and large, complex behavioral health systems. What a privilege!  Many of our customers serve both youth and adults, often with mental health and/ or substance use challenges. Iteration Evaluation is all about improving utilization of data for decision making at many levels of complicated service providing systems.  In a nutshell, we help organizations and systems understand who comes through the door, what interventions look like, what outcomes are achieved, and how systems can effectively and permanently rally around and incorporate pertinent data into their work, thereby enabling them to do better and better and better all the time. We help put and keep data on the forefront of the "highly relevant to operations map" so to speak. And they tell us we're pretty good at it!

Iteration Evaluation is merely jargon for calling bollocks on the notion that evaluation should be conceived of as a linear plan, collect, analyze, then report cycle.  True incorporation and utilization of data in complex systems is a momentous cultural and practice reform in and of itself.  Ultimately, Iteration Evaluation offers a model of practice that enhances the probability of true reform in complex systems.  It's not fast! It's not neat! It's not pretty! It's not easy!  But luckily, it is Team Iteration's forte. 

A... E... I... O... U... and sometimes whY


We're all about the vowels these days: A for Affordable, E for Experienced, I for Iterative, O for Outlandish (in a strikingly out of the ordinary, necessary for reform kind of way), and U for Useful.  And as for sometimes whY... well, we ask ourselves and our customers whY whY whY all the time in the name of enhancing services to hoards of people that deserve nothing short of exemplary.