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Introducing Team Iteration!

In front of the curtain... Dr. Becca Sanders, MS, MSW, PhD... 

She did her time so to speak as a youth service provider, switching camps to the system reform oriented data world faster than you can say Iteration!  Becca's mix of clinical direct service training, formal education in outcome evaluation, federal grant management, and experience in using data for the purpose of system reform is truly a unique combo. Becca does much of the mastermind-ish think time, stakeholder partnering, reporting, and help with interpretation of data for Iteration Evaluation. Becca lives Hood River, Oregon, and makes frequent trips back to Michigan, her old stomping ground. She loves biking (far!), OC paddling, humor, and this work!


Behind the curtain... Heather Robinson, MPH

She's freakishly competent and fast with all sorts of pertinent details and spreadsheets that help make Iteration Evaluation a success.  Like nobody's business, Heather can (and does) manipulate data files and keep things on track and moving forward.  She has an exemplary skill set in both project management, and technical procedures that many people avoid like the plague! Heather is the master of details, ducks in a row, and massive data clean ups on aisle 9.  She's got the patience and know how to work with people, as well as clean and analyze data that is stored in huge, complex management information systems.  Heather is based in Rochester NY, with frequent trips to Goldendale WA, her other stomping ground. She loves almost barefoot trail running (fast!), spinning, competitive soccer, and this work!

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At the desk... Patty Garland

Sure to pass any 10 key pad speed and accuracy test thrown at her, Patty is Iteration Evaluation’s nugget of data entry awesomeness.  She doesn’t blink at tall piles of paper and their “to be entered” sticky signage or the mass excel kingdom that is hers to export, merge, and manage. It’s as though she can’t wait to buckle down and plow through whatever pile it is to perfection whenever the opportunity arises!  Patty’s dot every I and cross every T orientation to life makes for some sparklingly clean data entry and storage.  She also brings a valued perspective to the table through her decade plus experience working on all things data at a community mental health center.  Based in Hood River, OR Patty is a hiking, biking, clean living, garden growing, former New Yorker (complete with accent upon request!) gone west coast. Oh yeah!

In the Shadows... Johnny As Needed...

Iteration Evaluation has people, companies and academic institutions all over the nation and Canada (yes... one of us is Canadian) that we partner with as needed.  Like many small companies, our business model is to beg for, borrow, or buy (no, we don't steal) whatever the heck we need in order to ensure the needs of our customers are met. This is typically achieved through our extensive network and strong partnerships with instrument designers, software developers, data management platform companies, as well as hand selected quantitative methodologists and statisticians.